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Tamar Leffert, CMT

From Tamar:

I offer massage therapy including Swedish massage, deep tissue and energy work.  You are welcome to come to my lovely studio near the beach in Capitola, CA or I can visit you in your home and set up a spa-like atmosphere there in only 5 minutes.  I provide mobile massage in Santa Cruz, Monterey, Silicon Valley, and the Greater Bay Area. 

I regard my massages as sacred space.  My presence is warm and nurturing, allowing you to deeply relax while I play a gentle symphony of healing upon your body.  My massage has a sensuous flow to it, a soothing rhythm.  I can provide powerful deep tissue work which is focused and effective, while retaining a gentleness of touch that lulls you into deeper levels of relaxation and release.

Call or text Tamar at (617) 852-6024

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