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Sage Cress, CSCS, CMT

My approach is focused on relationship with embodiment.

  I care about guiding exploration of human experience through touch, movement, breath work, energy flow, meditative states of being, strength practices and neuromuscular exercises.

I care about teaching techniques and methods for self-care and form and functionality of balanced strength training.

I care about listening to and acknowledgment of the stories and their physical manifestations that shape lives and bodies. I believe healing happens when we can hold ourselves with compassion and presence as we hear out our difficult stories regarding the circumstances that brought us face to face with vulnerability, feel our feelings, realize what lessons we want to carry forward, and then get reacquainted with our strength and resilience.

I view embodiment as a melding of nature and consciousness. My approach to bodywork and movement coaching is intuitive and structured. I tune into and take into account the whole body including nervous system states, breathing, alignment affecting dynamic stability, and any emotions presenting in association with body areas.

(831) 246-1521

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