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Mine is a referral-based business. 

I believe that sharing personal referrals is an important part of building  secure, sustainable communities based on mutual care.


I value your trust and support and I sincerely appreciate you sending folks my way that stand to benefit from collaborating with me on their well-being.


I would like to share with you the people that I trust for my own body and care so that you may expand and enrich your holistic support web!   


The healthier the bee, the stronger the hive; the better the me, the better the we!


Alana Ramey-Bernardi L.Ac. & Neil Bernardi-Wright L.Ac., FABORM
Anne Chiaramonte, M.S., L.Ac., FABORM

Chiropractic & Integrative Medicine

Cate Swillinger, Doctor of Naprapathy

Dr. Nick Hyde


Taylor Rubio
Blonding & Extensions

text (831) 515-6979

The Moon

Massage & Manual Therapy

Joy Pacetti, CMT

Sage Cress, CSCS, CMT

Tamar Leffert, CMT

Plant & Energy Medicine

Kaysi Contreras, CEOT-500

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