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Cate Swillinger, Doctor of Naprapathy


A California native, Cate has recently returned to Santa Cruz from Barcelona where she ran a busy practice, raised her children,  and taught at the Barcelona College of Chiropractic.


She uses naprapathy (na·​prap·​a·​thy): a holistic approach to restoring whole health and optimal function through gentle bodywork based on the fundamental principles of neurology, osteopathy, physical therapy and nutrition.


This integrative healing art incorporates gentle soft tissue and joint mobilization techniques that leave you feeling better, healing better and working better.


Cate’s specialties include restoring proper function of the joints and tissues related to the head, neck and jaw related to headaches, muscle tension, postural problems and sleep disturbances. She also uses vital organ systems corrections to help increase the body’s energy levels, performance capacity and overall function .


Her gentle techniques  are enjoyed by everyone from infants to centenarians.


For more information:

For appointments call: (831)818-6718

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