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Client Experiences


I found Ms. Kosovic to be a consummate professional. From her prompt reply to my inquiry, to accommodating my scheduling request and her arrival for my at-home massage early enough to set up and be fully prepared by the time the massage was to start, through the unique and very effective massage and even the handling of payment. 

I receive body work regularly as part of maintaining my health in the face of my personal challenges and have for many years. She adapted to those challenges and provided a massage that included techniques that were unfamiliar yet very affecting. She was gracious and present throughout, clearly focused on what would be best for me. I look forward to receiving her conscious and healing touch again and recommend her without reservations.

James S.

A massage from Zoë is one of my favorite treats for my body and spirit.

Zoë is highly attentive to subtlety.  Her massage work is detailed and specific.  She addresses sore areas skillfully.  Her touch has a healing, loving, gentle quality to it.  

The energy she brings to her sessions is clean, refined; her massages can feel like delightful sacred rituals.  She leaves me feeling deeply relaxed and well cared for.

Massage is one of my favorite things and I'm very picky about quality.  Every massage I've had from Zoë has been absolutely wonderful!


Tamar L.

Zoë is in a class of her own! If you are looking to deeply unwind from the normal waking beta stressed out state of mind/body that many of us operate under, you will not find a better therapist anywhere I my opinion!


By adding  conscious breathing to meet her exquisite work, I found myself in the most mind-blowing deepest relaxed parasympathetic state ever from a bodywork session!  


She works with a quality of conscious deliberate intention like I have never experienced anywhere!


Zoë is a rare exceptional gift to the massage community! I'm so grateful for what she brings to the table!

Paul R.

I don't even know where to start. Zoë is one of (if not THE) most thoughtful massage therapists I have ever had. No one-size-fits-all here! She asks you questions about your needs and preferences, and then really takes the time to feel where your energy is lacking, tangled, knotted or just needs some love. She'll undo knots you didn't even know you had! 

She uses many different techniques depending on what you like and what you've both determined you need. I, personally, don't like that soft stroking Swedish stuff and so I love that Zoë's hands REALLY get into my deep muscles. I have crazy tied-up traps, and Zoë always give them special attention - I don't even have to ask!

I originally went to her because we have the same name, and she completely exceeded my expectations. My birthday present to myself was an hour with Ms. Kosovic. :) I will go to her again and again and again!

You'll leave Zoë's table feeling floaty with love for your body. Do it!

Zoë L.

I had my first ever lymphatic drainage massage with Zoë and it was absolutely amazing. She is very professional, her space is very clean and relaxing and her touch is magical! I would absolutely see her again and I will be recommending her to all my friends!

Ali C.

Zoe is a kind, gentle person & this is reflected in her massage.


She is very mindful about communicating with you to make sure that you you are getting what you need. I have a pinched nerve in my neck which often makes massage difficult for me, because of my positioning on the table. Zoe has been nothing but patient in coming up with what works best for me.


Her massages are both therapeutic and relaxing, which to me are the best kind!! She uses aromatherapy, if you choose, which is a nice touch.


Her space is comfortable and inviting. I plan on regular appointments with her and highly recommend her!!

Stephanie B.

My massage session with Zoe was pure nourishment. I felt so nurtured, and cared for by her soft, meditative touch. After a stressful week, having a massage just melts away my tension. Thank you Zoe for your presence and gentle touch!

Natalia R.


Zoe is an amazing instructor. She suggests the perfect modifications for those who are new or are re-integrating with a sensitive/sore body. 


Some days, with all that we juggle in these crazy lives of ours, I have a moment’s hesitation regarding grabbing my yoga mat, but when I think about how much better I feel when in Zoe’s presence, I toss the hesitation out the window and hustle to connect to her class.


No class is ever exactly the same and I find myself gladly reteaching and bringing the brain-building exercises to my children and elders in my life.


As our teenage daughter puts it, “It’s hard to put into words, you just have to give her class a try to understand Zoe’s gift.” 


Jenean W.

I've been taking gentle yoga classes with Zoe since she came to Luma - she is a treasure!  Her students, we think of her as a blessing!


My wife and I have been streaming her classes since SIP - it's a highlight of the day.


Zoe is in tune with each student's own personal needs - she always checks in at the beginning of class - to see if you may be dealing with a specific issue - and to offer modifications/alternatives for that day.


Her words offer gentle encouragement - not just about yoga - but about our community and world at large.


She speaks to positivity through personal strength and groundedness as a counter to the crazy times we live in.


Her classes are a gradual progression toward both strength and flexibility.


You couldn't give yourself a better, more positive gift than a yoga workshop with Zoe


Michael H.

As a beginner yoga student myself, I can say without reservation that you are an extremely kind and effective yoga instructor.  I appreciate the way you use humor and give options to put us beginners at ease.  Your instructions are always easy to follow (though not always easy to execute!).  I have learned so much from you, and I would recommend your classes to anyone.

Priscilla B.

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