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The WeHive
there is no us without you

Welcome to The WeHive, a hub for sustainable care practices inspired by the spirit of reciprocity that the honey bee teaches.  

The Great Bee shows us that community-care and self-care are  inextricably intertwined and  there is a way in which we can care for ourselves that also serves the well-being of each other and our planet.

The WeHive is our shared well of healing knowledge and practice, the nectar we can dip into when we need sustenance, connection, and peace.

You belong here and you are needed here, right where you are, exactly as you are.



Zoë Kosovic (she/ they) is a Certified Massage Therapist, mindful movement instructor,  Reiki practitioner, permaculture designer, and beekeeper.  
Regenerative systems design, resilience training, and ecological wisdom infuse and inform Zoë’s approach to the body, relationships, economics, and purposeful living.  
She applies trauma-sensitive, consent-based approaches to the body and aims to foster a culture of accessibility, agency, and liberation in both her bodywork and yoga practices.  

Zoë holds deep respect and gratitude for the indigenous cultures and practices that form the basis of permaculture and modern postural yoga.  They live on traditional Awaswas (Amah Mutsun) land in Santa Cruz, CA.

If your questions are not answered on this website, you can reach Zoë directly at 415-890-3245 and

About Zoë

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